Dr. Rovshan Mammadov has attended EuroPerio10 National Ambassadors Meeting in Copenhagen.

Dr. Rovshan Mammadov, Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology Vice-President & Ambassador has attended National Ambassadors Meeting in Copenhagen on November 29, 2019. Active participation of National Societies in the advertising and marketing campaign related to the of EuroPerio10 International Conference in Periodontology (2-5 June 2021, Copenhagen) have been detailed discussed at this meeting joining EuroPerio10 Organizing Committee and representatives of 37 countries.

Dr. Aslan Mammadov has lectured in St. Petersburg at the International Conference organized by Russian Society of Periodontology.

On October  30 2019, Dr. Aslan Mammadov, Vice President of Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology & EFP Azerbaijani Delegate lectured on "Improvement of predictability with soft and hard tissue augmentation in aesthetic area of dental implants" at the International Conference in St. Petersburg (Russia), organized by Russian Society of Periodontology and Pavlov Saint Petersburg State Medical University.

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Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli has lectured in Moscow at the International Conference organized by Russian State Central Research Institute of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery.

On October 25 2019, Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli lectured on "Surgical Treatment of Gingival recessions: Key Points in Clinical Practice at the International Conference in Russian State Central Research Institute of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery (Moscow) dedicated to the topic Soft & Hard Tissue Regeneration in Periodontology & Implantology”.

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Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli has lectured in Tehran at the International Periodontology Conference organized by Iranian Academy of Periodontology and was accepted to the Editorial Advisory Board of "Journal of Advanced Periodontology and Implant Dentistry".

On October 8-11 2019, Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli was officially invited to attend 19th International Periodontology Conference organized by Iranian Academy of Periodontology. He lectured on "Single & Multiple Gingival recessions: Key Points in Periodontal Plastic Surgery at this meeting.

Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli was invited to the Editorial Advisory Board of "Journal of Advanced Periodontology and Implant Dentistry"(, official publication of Iranian Academy of Periodontology. This journal is dedicated to current advanced topics in the filed of periodontology and dental implants and  includes all topics pertaining to periodontology, including the biologic, microbiological, and immunologic aspects of periodontology and implantology, as well as  clinical periodontics, oral implantology and systematic reviews. 

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Periodontology was recognized as the speciality in Azerbaijan.

The speciality of Periodontology was recently recognized in Azerbaijan by Cabinet of Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic.


Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology (PERIOAZ) started the active campaign for speciality recognition in 2017, immediately after being accepted into European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) family at the general assembly in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in 2017. Both Cavid Ahmedbeyli (President) and Aslan Mammadov (EFP Delegate) were in close contact with key authorities from Azerbaijani Ministry of Health and main universities in order to get the recognition of Periodontology as the specialty. 


The position paper including the general information about main activities of PERIOAZ and EFP; global EFP projects with the aim of prevention of oral diseases and increasing awareness of the impact of periodontal disease on general health among dentists, non-dental professionals and public; full translation in national language and dissemination of these projects in the country; world-wide recognized specialities in dentistry; the importance of speciality recognition in Azerbaijan with the future tremendous effect on early diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease in partnership with the other recognized medical specialities and positive impact on the level of undergraduate and postgraduate periodontal education; the key facts about recent recognition of the speciality in Turkey and other European countries were prepared and send to the government officials at different times. The National Society was also the pioneer for the recognition of other dental specialties (Endodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Orthopedic Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics). Until recent, only General Stomatology (Dentistry) and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery were recognized specialities in Azerbaijan. 


The speciality recognition will increase the motivation for the postgraduate periodontal education and help getting automatic government equivalency for the recognition of their postgraduate dental education diploma that they have received from universities abroad. Furthermore, it will help the patients in government and private clinics get easier access for more dedicated specialist diagnosis and treatment of severe periodontal and peri-implant diseases and reduce its negative level on national healthcare system.

Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology has actively celebrated 12 May Gum Health Day, an international awareness day, jointly organised by the European Federation of Periodontology and its 37 affiliated members. Activities took place under the slogan ‘Healthy gums, beautiful smile’.


European Federation of Periodontology General Assembly was held in Bern.

European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) General Assembly was held in Bern on March 29-30 2019, with the participation of 30 EFP National Member Societies. Azerbaijan was presented at the meeting by Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli, President of Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology and Dr. Aslan Mammadov, Vice-president of Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology & EFP Delegate. 


Prior to the General Assembly, representatives of National Societies were invited to visit the University of Bern (UniBern), one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, where they have been informed about the research laboratories and scientific activities of the university along with modern phantom and patient clinics. At the initiative of president of EFP, Prof. Anton Sculean, the delegates have visited the Swiss Parliament, where they were informed about the Parliament and the country's governance.


EFP activities and achievements for 2018-2019, New Perio Classification, 12 may Gum Health Day, Recent Publications, Perio & Cardio project  and other important topics were discussed at the EFP General Assembly. Prof. Filippo Graziani (Pisa University, Italy) will serve as the President of the EFP for the period of 2019-2020. The official welcome dinners were held at Swiss Parliament and Gurten in the honor of the national society delegates.

Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology takes message to endocrinologists about the relationship of periodontal diseases and diabetes.

On 23 February 2019, Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli lectured on “Periodontal Disease & Diabetes Mellitus: Key Points” at the International Conference of Endocrinologists in Baku, organized by Azerbaijani Society of Endocrinology. The presentation was aiming to disseminate European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) Perio & Diabetes project, that promotes awareness of the important links between periodontal diseases and diabetes; explaining how these two diseases can be fought together. During the presentation, detailed information about the current activities of the Perio Society,  the highlights of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of periodontal disease in diabetes patients have been provided to almost 250 endocrinologists. Prof. Antonio Ceriello (Italy), Perio-Diabetes Workshop 2017 co-chair from International Diabetes Federation (IDF), was also one of the keynote speaker at this conference. He delivered the lecture about the “Prediabetes and its Management.“

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Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology was represented at the "Medical public unions and associations involvement in the development of medical science and country health" conference.

On 19 December 2018, Azerbaijani Ministry of Health has organized a conference on "Medical public unions and associations involvement in the development of medical science and country health". The aim of the conference was to strengthen the role of professional health unions and associations in improving the national health system, shaping and implementing national health policies, and enhancing the application of scientific medical innovations and achievements in Azerbaijan. The conference was attended by chief medical specialists of the republic and more than 60 professional medical public unions and associations. Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli, the president of the Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology, had represented the Society at the conference.

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EstePerio2018 3rd International Congress of Periodontology and Esthetic Dentistry held in Baku focuses on periodontal-periimplant health and digital esthetic dentistry.

On 9-10 November 2018, 3rd International Congress of Periodontology and Esthetic Dentistry EstePerio2018 was held in Baku, Azerbaijan. The meeting was organized by Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology and Azerbaijani Association of Esthetic Dentistry with the participation of almost 300 national and 50 international dentists, students and industry representatives from 13 countries in Holiday Inn Baku Hotel.


World Diabetes Day  - 14 November 2018

Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology joins Perio & Diabetes campaign launched on World Diabetes Day by European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) and SUNSTAR. The Perio & Diabetes project promotes awareness of the important links between periodontal diseases and diabetes explaining how these two diseases can be fought together.


Azerbaijan was presented at the PerioTbilisi2018 International Conference, organized by the Georgian  Association of Periodontology.

On October 26-27 2018, Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli participated and presented Azerbaijan at the PerioTbilisi2018 International Conference in Tbilisi (Georgia), organized by Georgian Society of Periodontology. During this visit, the development and prospects of existing relations between the organisations were discussed

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A new global classification of periodontal and peri-implant diseases and conditions has been published.

The comprehensive classification was based upon the most contemporary evidence and includes a staging and grading system for periodontitis, indicating severity and extent of disease, accounting for lifetime disease experience and taking into account the patient’s overall health status. The complete review and consensus reports are published today simultaneously in both the Journal of Clinical Periodontology (EFP) and the Journal of Periodontology (AAP).


The new classification is the outcome of a joint workshop held by the European Federation of Periodontology and the American Academy of Periodontology in Chicago in November 2017. The workshop included over 100 experts from Europe, America, Australia and Asia who reviewed existing literature to create a global consensus that enables care to be standardised for patients around the world.


In the new classification, clinical health is defined for the first time and periodontitis is described in four stages, ranging from Stage 1 (least severe) to Stage 4 (most severe). The risk and rate of disease progression has been categorised into three grades from lowest risk of progression (Grade A) to the highest (Grade C). The grading considers risk factors such as smoking and the presence of concomitant diseases, such as diabetes.

Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology actively participated in the work of EuroPerio9 International Confrence in Periodontology in Amsterdam

On 20-23 June 2018, EuroPerio9 International Conference in Periodontology was held in RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands. The meeting was organized by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) and its member National Societies with the participation of 10232 dentists, students, hygienists and industry representatives from 111 countries. Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology actively participated at this global conference, being represented by 55 Azerbaijani dentists practicing in Azerbaijan and abroad, as well as post-graduate students along with the Board Committee members. Almost 10 researches, carried out by Azerbaijani scientists in the field of periodontology and implantology, were presented with the oral and poster presentations at the conference.

A laser show and a dance performance culminating with the emergence of congress chair Dr. Michèle Reners, who then welcomed everyone to EuroPerio9, saying that “the secret to success is quality speakers.” The opening ceremony also featured the flag parade in which representatives of each of the EFP’s 30 affiliated national societies took to the stage with their national flags. Azerbaijani flag during the parade was carried by Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli, the president of the Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology.

Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli (Azerbaijan), one of the 8 selected speakers, talked about “Life experience changing national periodontology vision” at the EuroPerio9 Perio Talks session in the main auditorium on 20 June 2018. Perio Talks was the first big event created especially for EFP Alumni, the recently created group which brings together graduates and teachers of the EFP 16 accredited postgraduate programmes in periodontology. This event was one of the innovations at EuroPerio9, where EFP Alumni speakers talked about what has inspired their professional careers.

Dr. Rovshan Mammadov, General Secretary of Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology and EuroPerio9 Ambassador presented Azerbaijan & National Society to the Congress Delegates at the EFP Village on 21 June 2018.


On 22 June 2018, a special "Women in Perio" meeting at the EuroPerio9 Conference was dedicated to the women members of EFP National Societies. The aim of the meeting was to build a solid women’s network for Women in Perio. Almost 10 participants from Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology attended this meeting where the role of women in dentistry and dental organizations, their ideas and future participation in EFP activities were actively discussed. 


EFP Social Media, special meeting was held for the EuroPerio9 communication team members composed of the EFP National Societies on 23 June 2018. Dr. Vafa Guliyeva and Dr. Leyla Nadirova have represented Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology at this meeting, where the social media activities performed before and during the meeting were discussed. Social media was well integrated into EuroPerio9, with a “social wall” in the exhibition hall, where Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts tagged “#EuroPerio9” were displayed. Scientific sessions and social events were covered by a team of 24 people led by Dr. Reena Wadia, the EFP’s social-media co-ordinator.


On the same day, the winners of the 1st EFP Photo Contest were announced. More than 300 photographs were submitted to the EFP-affiliated national societies of periodontology in the first phase of the contest, and 57 entries from 23 different countries were selected for the final stage.

After EuroPerio9 closing ceremony, most of the members of the Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology visited the ACTA (Academic Center for Dentistry), the largest modern dental faculty in Amsterdam. During the visit they were informed about the activities and new technologies at the clinic.

The next EuroPerio10 will take place in at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen (Denmark) from 2-5 June 2021. The organising committee will be chaired by Prof. Phoebus Madianos (Greece), Prof. David Herrera (Spain) as scientific chair and Prof. Nicola West (UK) as treasurer.

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Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli, President of Azerbaijani Society of Periodontology, has lectured in St. Petersburg at the International Conference, organized by Russian Society of Periodontology.

On May 16 2018, Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli lectured on "Key Elements in Periodontontal Plastic Surgery for the Treatment of Gingival recessionsat the International Conference in St. Petersburg (Russia), organized by Russian Society of Periodontology and Pavlov Saint Petersburg State Medical University. The event was dedicated to the European Gum Health Day & Selected Issues in Periodontology.

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